Awareness is a concept that encompasses the totality of life. It is multi-dimensional in the sense that it is recognized by the mind on many different levels of understanding. Awareness is part of the life force within us that created our individual self. It is also the bridge between our understanding of the physical world of form and the unseen dimensions of the spirit world.

The creative energy that created life and sustains it has many names. Each language and culture has a name or identity for that which they perceive as the ultimate creator of the world.  Consciousness and awareness are two words used to define the creative energy of life. They are both pointing to the unseen realm of energy beyond the physical self. I use consciousness as the definition of the life force.

All living things have consciousness. The fact that they are alive means that their cellular structure is animated and conscious. Awareness is the individual recognition of consciousness and the life force. Awareness is multi-level and is experienced differently by each living thing. Awareness is evolutionary in the sense that it grows from experience, knowledge and understanding.

  This book is an expression of my spiritual journey. When the thought of writing this book came to me, I wanted to explore individual and collectively held beliefs and test them against my understanding or awareness to see what new awareness could be gained by this inquiry. I found that any subject could be met with inquiry and a lot of beliefs fell by the way as I pushed the envelope of understanding.

The journey always led back to the truth that the source of all life is also the final answer to all questions.  The creative energy field of all creation, the source of all life, is the alpha and omega. Without the spark of consciousness we call life, there would be no evolution. The journey back to unity with the creative energy field is the path of self awareness. Once a topic was examined there was no barrier to peeling the beliefs away to get to the understanding of where those beliefs came from and if they were rooted in stressful ego identification.  – William Lovett

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The book is a collection of essays with 81 chapters. The titles of the chapters are as follows:

1-A Birth of Ego   2-Accepting Life   3-Asking Questions   4-Awareness and Harmony
5-Awareness is Sublime   6-Awareness Supports you   7-Balance of the Mind
8-Beliefs   9-Birth of Awareness   10-Born into Thought   11-Cause and Effect
12-Collective and Individual Mirrors   13-Compassion   14-Conflict and Resolution
15-Conscious or Unconscious   16-Creative Expression   17-Deep Sleep
18-Depth of Questions   19-Development of Awareness   20-Differences
21-Ego and Body Identification   22-Emotions   23-End of Sorrow   24-Enlightenment
25-Evil in the World   26-Failure and Success   27-Flexibility   28-Flow of Energy
29-Forgiveness   30-Form and No Form   31-Form Changes   32-Harmonies   33-Humility
34-Identification   35-Inquiry   36-Judgments and Conflicts   37-Levels of Understanding
38-Life and Death   39-Live Lives You   40-Love   41-Love Yourself   42-Name Identification
43-Nature and Spirit   44-Nothingness   45-Obstacles  and Answers   46-Opposites Attract
47-Outside and Inside   48-Paradox of Perfect   49-Past and Future   50-Peace is your Birthright
51-Point of Power   52-Possessions   53-Power of Understanding   54-Practice Non-Attachment
55-Preference   56-Question Beliefs   57-Reality is Your Teacher   58-Reality versus Beliefs
59-Recognition and Reaction   60-Recognition of Awareness   61-Religion and Spirituality
62-Resistance   63-Rules of Conduct   64-Seeking   65-Sensory Perception   66-Simple Life
67-Soul Development   68-State of Don’t Know   69-Story of life   70-Stressful Thought
71-Suffering   72-Test of Awareness   73-The Mind   74-Thoughts   75-Transformation
76-Trinity of Awareness   77-Way of the World   78-Wealth and Poverty   79-Web of Life
80-What is Real   81-Witness Awareness